Trigger Happy

Uh-oh. You’re holding up the line again. Digging through that Bermuda Triangle of a purse for your wallet. The real question is if all those dirty looks and impatient groans haven’t forced you to change your messy ways, what on earth will?

A bag that leaves you no excuse.

The Botkier Trigger bag has three zippered compartments — two on the outside and one in the middle — so accessing your stuff couldn’t be easier. Rather than disappearing into the abyss of your tote, each of your myriad possessions (painkillers, gum, keys, PDA, glasses case, and, of course, wallet) has a designated pocket. And the increase in function requires no sacrifice in style. The sleek hold-alls are made in canvas, leather, or a combo of the two and come in three different sizes and plenty of colors (black, white, bone, pink, or ice blue, as well as metallic two-tones). Which means you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

The only downside? Orders take about three to four weeks. So be patient with them.

As others have so kindly been with you.

Available online at botkier.com.