My Fair Lady

We know your type. Refined. Delicate. Ladylike. (But never prissy.) You know, in an old-school, Hepburn kind of way.

You’ll scour vintage racks for the perfect tea dress. You bleach the grunge out of antique gloves. Sigh. Such work to be the fifth to own that Schiaparelli.

How nice would it be if someone with your rarefied sensibilities and sharp eye would make clothes just for you? How much nicer if her designs jazzed up your dainty look with a modern twist.

Emma Fletcher’s new NoLIta boutique, Lyell, is the place for you. One side of the room displays perfectly edited, right-for-right-now vintage picks, like YSL trousers from the ’70s. The other side showcases Fletcher’s designs, which have immaculate tailoring and sexy touches. (Remember Mayle before it got too big for its britches?)

So ditch bleach and try something new for a change.

It’s what Audrey would do.

Lyell, 173 Elizabeth Street, between Spring and Kenmare Streets (212-966-8484).