Too Much of a Good Thing?

Some of life’s pleasures should be enjoyed in moderation. Foie gras. $500 champagne. Sunbathing. US Weekly.

Others should be consumed in ungodly amounts.

Back away from the truffle bar, sister. We’re talking about Cris, a new line of superfine cashmere tops designed by Cristiana Proietti. After creating threads all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia, she noticed something was missing from the marketplace: fun, modern cashmere sweaters.

So she set her sights on changing that — and created an ultra-soft, romantic collection that’s basically sophistication on a hanger. Fifties-style secretary blouses, dip-dyed pieces, and flouncy pullovers with blouson sleeves are available in ten different hues (like light blue, pale green, tangerine, and gray). There are sweater sets and cardigans for the traditionalist, asymmetrical ponchos and boleros for the trendster. And any girl will feel perfectly lavish wrapped in one of her luxe shawls. Think of Cris as high-quality cashmere doing tricks usually reserved for satin, silk, and cotton.

So, by all means, feel free to overindulge.

Available at Barneys, 660 Madison Avenue, between 60th and 61st Streets (212-826-8900).