Pippin Hot

You’ve put Aunt Betty’s diamonds in the vault, stashed Uncle Roger’s pocket watch under the mattress, and checked Granny’s pearls into storage.

Fine. Save the good jewelry for your 90th birthday if it makes you happy. But for goodness sake, have some fun with vintage before you become an antique yourself.

Go to Pippin, a new and unusual vintage jewelry shop owned by 26th Street Flea Market regulars Steve and Rachel Cooper. (You may have even met their beloved Cavalier King Charles, Pippin). Studies in gemology, years in the high-end jewelry business, a stint in the Arab market in Jerusalem, and a love of all things aesthetic provide the backdrop for their amazing collection of timeless pieces.

Sort through drawers of pearls, rhinestones, moon glows, and Bakelite — at insanely good prices. Peruse cuff links, gloves, hat pins, brooches, earrings, and strands upon strands of beaded necklaces. Marvel at cigarette boxes, tie bars, hand mirrors, beaded bags, and opera glasses. From Georgian to Victorian to deco, these are the accoutrements you need to look smokin’ hot right now.

And later. But, oh, we forgot. You’ve already got that covered.

Pippin, 112 and 112 ½ West 17th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues (212-505-5159).