Nailing It

When in the course of human events you find yourself unable to get it all done (hit all four Thursday parties before hot date, file April expenses by December 31, finish that rewrite of the Phenomenology of Spirit), it’s time to just let some things go.

Like your damn nails.

Which is not to say you don’t want them to look damn good. Time for maintenance-free Virtual Nails, custom-fit falsies, trimmed to the length of your choice — for a mere $20. (Other so-called permanent manis run closer to a Benjamin.) The nails are supposed to last two weeks, but as of press time we’re almost three weeks into them and they’re still basically flawless. (We even changed the polish.)

Don’t call these acrylics: The nails, which are made of a special plastic, attach without any nasty chemicals and won’t harm your real nails. So when you go back to the salon to have them removed (or do it yourself with the special solution), you’ll uncover perfectly protected nails below. (Shout out to the nail-biters.)

These babies look so impeccable that no one will guess they aren’t perfect versions of your own ten — not the eagle-eyed beauty editor, not the wardrobe stylist, not your mom …

And certainly not Mr. Thursday.

Available at Dashing Diva, 41 East 8th Street, between Broadway and University Place (212-673-9000).