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Help Wanted

Desperately seeking Perfect Bar. Should be handsome, elegant, and good with food. (Beware a tippler when munchies strike.) Must offer perfectly prepared, hangover-proof cocktails. Cozy fireplace, mahogany walls a plus.

And you thought finding a New Year’s Eve date was going to be tough.

Introducing Employees Only, a speakeasy-esque (read: subtly decadent) bar and restaurant. It’s fronted by a sextet of impeccably pedigreed owners (Maxwell’s Plum, Nell’s, Odeon, Lucky Strike, Pravda, Match, Pastis, The Park, and Schiller’s) who have heard your cries for help. EO is bound to become the new gold standard of the New York Night.

Behind the bar, Jason and Dushan are rewriting the book on mixology, pouring liquid nirvana like their Martinez Cocktail, the Ginger Smash, and the rosebud-appointed Mata Hari. (Direct special requests to Jason, the good cop of the perfectionist duo.) In the kitchen, chef Jeremy is seeing to it that your hand-cut steak tartare is as good as it gets this side of Kobe, Japan. And on the floor, Billy, Igor, Akiva, and Henry are tending the fire and making sure your only complaint is Last Call.

See? You’ve found your spot. No need to confirm it with the fortune-teller sitting in the window.

Though she might have some suggestions about your New Year’s date.

Employees Only, 510 Hudson Street, between Christopher and West 10th Streets (212-242-3021). Officially opens to the public in early January. Until then, they’re in soft launch. But let’s just say these are not the sort of gentlemen who are going to refuse a charming damsel in distress.

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510 Hudson St
bt Christopher & W 10th Sts
New York, NY 10014