All the Buzz

Oh. My. God. Like, how many calories are really in that triple-shot mocha latte, Mr. Barrista?

Want a real shot of consciousness? Your daily cuppa may be the planet’s favorite stimulant (and the world’s second most heavily traded commodity), but the 25 million or so people who produce it live in extreme poverty.

Don’t just get wired — get fired up. Coffee Kids is a nonprofit organization that helps women and children in coffee-producing regions of Mexico and Central America by building more sustainable communities. The mission is simple (unlike your head-spinning “Sumatra con soy” request): to assist those living in coffee-growing communities around the world.

Coffee Kids is no mere quick fix. Its work fosters long-term self-sufficiency through education, training, and micro-enterprise programs.

How can you help? Log on to the website and make a donation or — hey! — buy a coffee mug.

Coffee production is hard, and cold facts may kill your buzz, but knowing you have helped leaves you with a longer-lasting high.

For more information, go to coffeekids.org.