Going Bananas

Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just extra pleased to see your DailyCandy e-mail this morning?

Now, now. Your pants are no place for fruit. Neither is your backpack, your briefcase, or your purse. Get yourself a Banana Bunker, the best fruit prophylactic your money can buy.

It was designed by artist/inventor/architect (and, if we can believe his hype, “tremendously creative individual”) Paul Stremple, who used to do spaces for Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and other style powerhouses, but is now focused on keeping your banana free of unwanted nicks and bruises. Just slide the protective sleeve over your banana, and it’s cool to accompany you to work, on a hike, or anywhere else you might be wanting a little pick-me-up. Your banana will emerge fresh, firm, and oh so delicious.

Which you certainly can’t say about something that’s spent the day in your pants.

Available online at bananabunker.com.