DailyCandy Lexicon XII

The seductive, steamy, sublime New York night. Words cannot describe. Or can they?

alphabet pity
n. Awarding extra points or praise to venues east of First Avenue solely because of geography — and not actual merit.

n. 1. An obscure religion based on a devotion to Barneys New York and the belief that spiritual well-being can be found on the store’s upper floors. 2. Followers of this religion. (Smart, funny, and so good-looking — if only he were barnese!)

n. The rare New Yorker who was actually born and raised in Manhattan.

n. 1. A species of men and women (you know who you are, kiddies) who frequent Bungalow 8 with staggering regularity. 2. Those whose love of Bungalow 8 stems entirely from the fact that they can get in.

n. The haze that comes over one when sitting on the Gansevoort rooftop in the summer, characterized by a willingness to buy $18 cocktails and a lack of care when said drinks take 30 minutes to arrive.

n. In casual conversation, one who claims to have grown up in NYC, if by NYC one means Long Island.

n. The clientele who fill the Maritime Hotel’s courtyard and bars at night. 2. Nighttime scenes characterized by thick clouds of smoke and sweaty faux hipsters.

n. Planning under the influence. Plan-making late in the evening, especially with friends, for next-day activities, such as SoHo shopping and brunch.

Saturday night fever
n. The overwhelming desire to ask a taxi driver to blast his radio, as if the cab could magically transform into a disco.