Shake Your Bonbon

Here’s the thing about being an artist-designer-whatever in a city of artists-designers-whatevers: It’s tough to keep up.

Everyone’s cool. Everyone’s onto the same next big thing. And everyone looks alike (in that John-and-Yoko, people-and-their-dogs way).

So before you reach for that “original” African wooden necklace (from a yard sale/your mom/H&M), we’re staging an intervention: Bonbon Oiseau’s remarkably different pins, corsages, and mismatched earrings.

Do a Victorian punk thing with Goldie Lookin’ Chain, a corsage made of metallic leather, beaded flowers, silk ribbons, and a gold biker chain. Or go boudoir-orientalist with Fondinette Noir, a hair ornament with pink linen flowers, antique tulle, black lace, and tiny shells. (No one else is going to be rocking that on line at the deli.)

Lavish your lapel with Truffeline Aigre-Deux, a sculpture of black feathers, electric blue posies, and freshwater pearls. Each piece, a witty mix of vintage and modern, is sure to spark quite the conversation.

And, for a change, one you haven’t already heard.

Available at Therapy, 115 Grand Street, between Berry and Wythe Streets, Williamsburg (718-486-0370); or La di Da, 147 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Rivington Streets (212-529-7384). To see styles, go to bonbonoiseau.com.