Food & Drink

Secret Service

We know how it is. Everyday you give and give and give.

Sometimes you need to save something for you.

Still. What fun is a secret if you can’t share it?

So. We found a new spot in downtown’s cool Bermuda triangle, which one certain hotelier has decided to rebrand as a square. (There. That’s your biggest hint.)

The walls of the subterranean hideaway are lined with wrought-iron gates. Dripping candelabras and dark banquettes encourage all kinds of low-murmur, clandestine behavior. Graffiti-like mosaics and an eclectic soundtrack set the scene for mischief.

Even the food inspires intrigue. Linger over crab tostadas, Mayan chipotle shrimp, and Mexican bread pudding with figs and rum-soaked raisins.

You feel the green line rumbling. You reach to conquer another of the 100 imported tequilas.

And since no secret vault is complete without a secret entrance and a secret reservation system, here’s the drill:

1. Enter through the newly renovated corner deli. Ignore the tacos and look for the door marked “employees only.”

2. Head downstairs and walk through the kitchen. Stop when you see the lovely hostess.

3. Said hostess gives you a phone number. Head back upstairs and call to see when you can get a reservation to eat, drink, moonlight, scheme, and make merry deep into the night. If you’re lucky, they’ll invite you back down right away.

As for the rest? Well, those secrets are yours to keep.

Okay, one more hint. No names, but anagrammed it’s “a equal sin.”