Best of 2005: Balls Out

Hear that? It’s the tune of 2006. Before we dive in, a shout-out to our favorites from 2005. Feel free to hum along.

Originally published 3/18/05

Sometimes it takes more than motivation, time, and willpower to get in shape.

It takes balls.

Specifically, weighted six- and ten-inch balls that you roll under, over, and around. That’s the gist of the Body Rolling classes at the airy, calming, and generally lovely Yamuna studio in the West Village. You lie on the mat and use the colorful balls to stretch, realign, and energize everything from your neck to your toes. It’s gentle and a little weird but also intense and definitely cool.

Founder Yamuna Zake has been teaching this technique around the world for more than a decade and has finally settled into a home base from which to spread the ball gospel. Other offerings include Yamuna Body Logic, a one-on-one therapy; YBR yoga, which uses balls to enhance the regular poses; and Foot Fitness, an incredible fifteen-minute pre-class workout for neglected, underloved feet.

It’s absolutely ball busting.

And you’d be nuts not to try it.

Yamuna, 132 Perry Street, between Greenwich and Washington Streets (212-633-2143 or yamunastudio.com).

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