Just for You, My Pretty

It’s all part of life. A crazed schedule. Celebrity-induced heartburn. Platinum debt rising higher than an heiress’s miniskirt.

Enough already. You’re in no mood for a pep talk.

You just want to curl up in the fetal position, pout, and feel sorry for yourself. Or thrash around, break stuff, and then feel sorry for yourself.

So, heck, why not make a self-pity party out of it? Invite over some equally stressed-out friends, then hire makeup artist Keri Berman. A true master, Berman gives private lessons on makeup application and technique in the comfort of your home.

She teaches everything from color choices for day and night to proper brush strokes for contouring and highlighting. She also brings along custom-blended cosmetics (like lipgloss and foundation) that you can purchase directly from her.

It’s just the thing to get everyone pretty. While you all get ugly and commiserate.

Heck, it’s your party. So kick, scream, and cry if you want to.

Keri Berman (917-566-6426 or keriberman.com).