Playing the Field

When Patricia Field’s village boutique (and three-ring circus), House of Field, closed, it left a gaping hole in our hearts (kind of like when we heard about the Hilton sisters’ new cartoon series).

So when news broke about her new store, we placed a quick call to the queen of style herself.

DailyCandy: You’re moving to the Bowery. Nice! Tell us everything.

Patricia Field: It’s a compilation … of my different stages as well as new ingredients and a whole new interpretation of style.

DC: Artists like de la Vega (we love him!) contributed as well?

PF: I threw a Halloween party in the space, and he [drew all over] the blank walls. It was so beautiful, so I kept it. I’m also hanging my art collection and some art from friends. We had wallpaper custom made, and Paul Chelstad did the collage work.

DC: You’re also offering salon services? We don’t suppose Amanda Lepore will be manning the makeup counter.

PF: Hair and makeup. We have specially made lines by this Japanese cosmetologist Jun Nakayama who does salts, oils, and skin care.

DC: As for the house labels: Heatherette, Hysteric Glamour, O.K. Citizen, The Rojas L.A., White Trash Charms, we presume?

PF: Exactly.

DC: We’d love to be the billionth to give a nod to your genius costuming for Sex and the City. Is there anyone in TV land that you’d like to makeover?

PF: That’s hard to say. But I’d like to do personal styling for Hillary Clinton.

DC: That would make for one blazing campaign trail. And finally, your preferences. Fishnets or seamless?

PF: Fishnets.

DC: Wig or extensions?

PF: Wigs.

DC: Fake nails or fake lashes?

PF: Fake lashes.

DC: Vodka or scotch?

PF: Vodka.

DC: Today or tomorrow?

PF: Today.

Patricia Field, 302 Bowery, between Bleecker and Houston Streets (212-966-4066).

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