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Pop Tarts

You’re a giver.

Always ready to turn the other cheek (What are best friends for?), give the benefit of the doubt (She’s not weird, just eccentric), or make a toast (And now, a few words …).

But when it comes to tangible gift giving, you can’t think past a scented candle or a bacon-of-the-month gift card.

How’s this for a no-brainer: Three Tarts, Chelsea’s spanking new bakery and gift boutique from interior designer-turned-pastry chef Marla D’Urso.

The pretty little sweets shop stocks sugary delights wrapped and ready for giving: petits fours and cookies in ceramic bowls, parfaits in glasses, pots de crème in tiny espresso cups with saucers.

Or consider the hatboxes of rosebud china, handmade marshmallows, and artisanal honey in tall glass bottles. The Pig and Truffles set (a mod piggy bank and coordinating handmade chocolates) will make your pals squeal with delight.

But that’s a given.

Three Tarts, 164 Ninth Avenue, at 20th Street (212-462-4392 or 3tarts.com).

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164 9th Ave
@ 20th St
New York, NY 10011