True Camp

Gather round the campfire, children, and hear a prophetic tale.

In these boroughs, there once lived a woman with a magic needle. Samantha Pleet spent her days creating medieval-inspired, camp-chic clothing from simple cotton and wool. No one dared cross her for fear they’d be banished to color blindness, eternal panty lines, and other fashion atrocities.

On the day that she launched her first collection, fashionable ladies in nearby villages began disappearing. Remnants of sad, discarded clothing were left in their wake.

Then, one by one, the creatures emerged from the woodwork, wearing the most adorably cozy creations. Some were found at the beach in cotton tunics and flannel hoodies. Others trawled the subway in striped cotton-weave dresses with matching middie shorts.

Everyone stopped to admire a tiny black-and-white plaid shirtdress called I Woke Up with a Lumberjack. They tried it on. They, too, were possessed.

The ladies declared they would never wear anything else. Ever again.

And that was only Pleet’s first collection.


Available at Ghostown, 335 Grand Street, between Havemeyer and Marcy Streets, Williamsburg (718-387-0990 or ghostownnyc.com). To see styles, go to samanthapleet.com.