Fit to Be Tried

In the future, we will learn to love ourselves despite our flaws. (That or all be genetically engineered to look like Gisele.)

Until that day, the junk in the trunk will have to be addressed the sweaty, old-fashioned way. Here’s how we love to do it.

Start with the new Heart and Soul Pilates class at Brooke Siler’s re:AB studio, the charming NoHo space where small, specialty classes stretch you (not your wallet) thin.

For a gym-free workout, get Stefan Aschan to train you in the park, at home, in the office, or anywhere else (you can run, but you can’t hide). The energetic Austrian pumps (you up) with exercise bands and lots of reps. Hasta la vista, belly.

Hitch a ride at SoulCycle, where a (normally) grueling spinning class is assuaged by candles, orchids, and an image of the open road. Instructors emphasize yogic principles of proper alignment for a balanced workout.

Can’t bring yourself to refinance your home in the name of fitness? Hula hooping burns about the same number of calories as a brisk walk (but it’s tons more fun). Or, kick it with your childhood friend, Skip It.

Hop to, couch potato.

And we don’t mean a sprint to the fridge.

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