Psyched to Get Hitched

There was a time when you were sweet, beautiful, and in love. Then you started planning a wedding. And a crazed lunatic took control of you. That’s what Freud might say — and that’s what you’ll tell the groom.

Please the Id
The irrational you wants announcements hand-delivered by trumpeters on horseback. The realistic you knows that Superdeluxe invites hit the right (subtle) note with portraiture and monogrammed stationery (which can be decoupaged onto trays and paperweights for parting gifts).

pochron studios!Ponder the Spatial Model
Lull guests into semiconsciousness on the rooftop terrace at Stage 6 at Steiner Studios (15 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn Navy Yard; 718-237-1919). The view from the deck at Pochron Studios is pretty sweet, too.

Remember His Oedipal Complex
Clothes make the man. Time for mama’s boy to grow up. Freemans Alley cat Taavo Somer (Freemans Sporting Club, 8 Rivington Street; 212-228-4080) does made-to-measure suits with vintage military fabrics. Impress the groomsmen with homemade boutonnieres. Use a feather, flower, and Edict’s tiny sword pins (913-271-0844 or allthingsnautical@yahoo.com). Who said chivalry was dead?

edgardo bonilla!Tailor the Super Ego
The fantasy: You slip into the perfect Victorian-inspired dress from Edgardo Bonilla and a cozy cashmere wrap from White+Warren’s new bridal line. Thank your lucky stars for nonpsycho bridesmaids with Zoë Chicco’s new zodiac necklaces and initial rings. Be grateful that BFF Bridal consultants (and those wedding talk podcasts) helped you figure out how to do it all.

Ward Off Peony Envy
Your psychological response is to order one of everything. Leave the flora to Design Fusion’s Jerry Sibal, who will turn your vision into huge, ethereal arrangements. Something more understated? Go for sleek Dutch designs from Van Vliet & Trap (158 West 28th Street, 212-352-3385). Hint: Snap peas, radishes, tangerines, and limes make great — and inexpensive — centerpieces.

wedding cake!Feed the Hysteria
Everyone talks about cake. They just never eat it. Spice up the dessert table with Panade’s show-stopping ginger cream, dulce de leche, and passion fruit cream puffs (129 Eldridge Street, 212-219-9923). Meanwhile, Anne Watkins captures the sweet stuff in watercolor.

Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Do an after-party for the bridal party. DJ Lindsey spins classics, soul, disco, funk, ’80s pop, and underground hip-hop. Hire Pushcart Parties to serve hot pretzels and dogs. Book your local pedicurist for foot massages. Watch the Freudian slips: Sometimes a cigar roller is just a (federally funded) cigar roller.

worker bee!Face Your Selective Memory
When it’s all over, you’re left with the photos. Worker Bee Designs shoots silent, black and white, Super 8 films and makes flip books of favorite moments — which the two of you can look at again and again (and again).

No need to overanalyze it.

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