Dress: Business Casual

To Employee No. 236:

It has come to the company’s attention that you have violated the rules of office attire.

Section A-743b in the Employee Handbook details the clean, consistent, and professional look employees should adhere to: beige suits, limp ties, frumpy sweaters, and pantyhose (yes, even in July).

It has been noted that you have been wearing Bruno Grizzo’s Shirt Dress No. 2 in both black and white on several occasions. True, the wide, oversize, man-tailored shirt with crisp collar and three-quarter length sleeves adheres to the clean, corporate image. But it is extremely smart and fashionable (dress code qualities not included in the rulebook).

The low button-down placket is flirty yet professional. The cotton paperweight shirting is luxurious but not conspicuous. You have been consistently reported as elegant, sophisticated, mod, and chic.

The company urgently requests that you refrain from wearing any Grizzo dresses.

Until you tell us where to buy them.

Available at Albertine, 13 Christopher Street, between Greenwich Avenue and Waverly Place (212-924-8515). Call to pre-order at W29 Showroom (212-563-0163). To see styles, go to brunogrizzo.com.

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13 Christopher St
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New York, NY 10014