Carving Out History

This chapter focuses on ancient ways of human life (see: archaios, ancient; logos, word).

For thousands of years, adornments have been worn by people of all cultures (see: Cleopatra, Dennis Rodman, Prince Albert).

The art of ornamentation endures in modern times through Bocote, a new collection of hand-carved wooden charms — small crows that capture birds in flight, and scarabs with sapphire eyes that recall the most valuable amulet in ancient Egypt.

Other relics include tiny wooden daggers, a birdhouse, and an animal-human hybrid — a deer-man with piercing topaz eyes (scientists can only speculate the meaning of this therianthropic form). Charms (padauk, walnut, heart pine, maple) are carved on all sides, rubbed with a natural finish, and attached to gold-filled chains — ideal for the necks of women in the cradle of one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

And now onto the next chapter, numismatics (see: more money).

Available at Albertine, 13 Christopher Street, between Greenwich Avenue and Waverly Place (212-924-8515). For custom orders, e-mail bocote@gmail.com.

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