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Where There’s Smoke …

Here, piggy, piggy.

Ah, found ya. Under the picnic table with the other hipsters and up to your elbows in brisket. Shouldn’t expect anything less at Fette Sau (it does mean “fat pig” in German).

No wonder those Spuyten Duyvil folks opened their BBQ joint in a garage: The place’d be a real pigsty if not for this communal paper towel roll.

Time to head back to the counter for more smoked meats. (Dry-rub ribs, pork sausage, pork butt, pork belly bacon, and baked beans are weighed and served in wax paper on a tray.) The sweet, smoky scent is making this carnivore ravenous.

Want a mason jar of Sixpoint Diesel Stout? A gallon jug of beer? Something from the whiskey, bourbon, and rye bar?

Let’s sit outside with some chips and a glass of Old Williamsburg. Afterward, we’ll hang by the fire roaring on the flat-screen with a slice of peanut butter chocolate pie.

Oh, what, now you’re full? Well, that’s fine.

You can bring home the bacon.

Fette Sau, 354 Metropolitan Avenue, between Roebling and Havemeyer Streets, Williamsburg (718-963-3404).

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354 Metropolitan Ave
bt Roebling & Havemeyer Sts
Brooklyn, NY 11211