Get a Load of This

Here’s the scene: Breezy summer evening. Tables of aperitif drinkers spilling onto the sidewalk. A couple, clinking glasses, admires your spectacular purebred Lhasa apso. Puppy promptly poops at their feet.

Insert sheepish laughter as couple pretends not to notice you bending down to scrape the contents from the sidewalk. Wave goodbye (with clean hand). Be grateful you don’t own a Great Dane.

Steer clear of number twos with The Sha-Poopie, a craptacular little invention made by a guy who “hates picking up after his dog.” The glorified pooper-scooper has a lightweight, telescoping aluminum pole with a disposable cup and a snap-close lid on the end.

Just position it under the pup’s poop chute and dump the sealed cup in the nearest wastebasket.

No, it doesn’t make you look cool. But it does mean no bending, no shoveling, no plastic bagging, and (thankfully) no touching.

That’s taking care of business.

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