Food & Drink

Big Little Notions

Truffles, rubies, condoms, winning lottery tickets, leprechauns.

Amazing what great things come in small packages.

To the list we add Graffiti, the tiny new food and wine bar opening today in the East Village.

Chef Jehangir Mehta is used to working on a bigger scale (in the pastry kitchens at Jean-Georges and Aix) but dreamed of going small for his first solo venture. Mission accomplished: Graffiti seats just eighteen in a space that will have you wondering why you’re so uncreative with your living room.

The aesthetic is idiosyncratic jewel box: delicate chandeliers, cute animal chopsticks, and beautiful Indian pictures. The food is just as inspired. Small plates for sharing include tomato salad with balsamic olive sorbet, anchovy/seaweed tamarind pizza, and coriander-spiced cod with shitake and onion confit.

On Tuesdays, they’re doing flights of five “all you can drink sensibly” wines for $30. Starting next week, they’ll be baking muffins for diners to take home.

Just a little something special.

Graffiti, 224 East 10th Street, between First and Second Avenues (212-677-0695).