On the Juice

And just like that, it’s fall.

How? When? You haven’t even gotten around to spring cleaning yet.

Well, it’s always a good time for a cleanse with Blueprint, the company that makes juicing easy. (No, maple syrup and cayenne aren’t the best products for cleaning house.)

You pick length (one, three, or five days) and intensity (renovation, foundation, or excavation). Blueprint gives you six juices per day; you drink one every few hours.

No food? Really? Really. But the juices feed your body’s cravings: vegetable tonics in the morning, spicy lemonade midafternoon, vanilla cashew milk at night. And they’re a health nut’s dream: full of active enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, phytonutrients, and more.

Yes, juicing is intense (some would say insane), but Blueprint makes it accessible, with chilled totes for portability, inspiring how-to e-mails, and a cheat sheet for when you’re about to plow into a case of warm, glazed Krispy Kremes.

Of course, you’re not doing this to fit into some dress but for healthy detox reasons.

And to get ready for the slow-moving, red wine-drinking, bring-on-the-stews season ahead.

Blueprint Cleanse (646-246-6558 or