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Who’s Your Sugar Daddy?

You might argue that you already take artful consumption to a new level.

But now you can have your art and eat it, too. Candy sculptors Fiona Ryan and Chris Grassi are expanding the Papabubble empire beyond Barcelona, Tokyo, and Amsterdam to Nolita.

The house special? Edible masterpieces composed right before your eyes.

The sweets shop stacks jars of homemade hard candies on the shelves — fruity and spicy lozenges in a rainbow of colors and designs. Papabubble is as much about performance as indulgence. Like Picassos of the pastille, the staff prepares lengths of cooked sugar before a rapt audience, mixing in essences (cinnamon, lime, coconut) before spinning them into lollies and shapes (body parts, concept cars, love notes).

All this couture candycraft is beckoning you.

Come to papa.

Papabubble, 380 Broome Street, between Mott and Mulberry Streets (212-966-2599 or papabubble.com).

Photo Credit: Andrew De Francesco

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380 Broome St
bt Mott & Mulberry Sts
New York, NY 10013