Food & Drink

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

An ode! To the sweetest thing that we’ve gleaned,
Fresh from the burgeoning Allen Street scene.
A darling, pocket-size patisserie,
Built by two pals on a sugar-high spree.

Ex-pastry chef from The River Cafe,
Worldly food stylist for added cachet.
Their wedding cake business blossoming forth,
Lead to this retail shop — just one block north.

Buttery scents are pumped right to the street,
Curious passersby won’t miss a beat.
Senses aroused! You’re moved to ingest
Croissants, sticky buns, cheese puffs for breakfast.

Wee fancy devil dogs, cheddar dill scones,
Sampled with bright eyes and approving tones.
Counter Culture baristas craft hearts in foam,
Of course, you think, this is a place to call home.

Eight in the morn till late in the night,
Amuse bouche desserts stand in their own right.
Baklava purses, pastel macaroons,
Gelato cookie sandwiches midafternoon.

Soft opening now! Break into a sprint,
Toward one shop decked in Marimekko print.
With a tall glass of milk or a hot mug of tea,
Chocolate sea salt tarts are pure poetry.

More than a pipe dream come true in the biz,
That’s why they call it How Sweet It Is.

How Sweet It Is, 157 Allen Street, between Stanton and Rivington Streets (212-777-0418 or howsweetitispastry.com).