Dante’s Peak

Recognize this queen, king, trump, or fool?

They’re in your deck of cards, old friend, and you’ll be crossing paths with them in the future.

Let Dante Sabatino do the introductions. The good-natured clairvoyant administers psychic tarot readings from his Chelsea apartment (or your next cocktail party).

Sabatino learned the tarot from his mother and uses the practice to gain insight by tapping into the collective unconscious and “massaging the psyche.” He’ll offer spooky declarations (you’re attracted to people with childhood trauma; your sister-in-law is pregnant), comforting reassurances (money is coming your way!) and useful solutions (watch your alcohol intake and your love life will blossom).

You’ll want to take notes, as the language of clairvoyance is indirect.

After all, a good psychic never puts all his cards on the table.

Tarot by Dante (212-727-7362 or tarotbydante.com).