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Wake and Bake

Good morning, desk! Hello, co-workers. Nice to see you, inbox. Let’s get down to breakfast.

Will it be oatmeal, bialy, or a $4 crappuccino?

Not after you discover Wafels & Dinges it won’t. Made with batter pressed into honeycomb irons, the steaming hot cakes are dusted with confectioner’s sugar, topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate. (Now that’s the way to start a morning.)

Thanks to a small yellow truck that shuttles about town, you can have them delivered to your house or office (though there’s a 20 wafel minimum). Or you can hunt them down in SoHo (during the week) or the Upper West Side (on weekends).

So no more waffling over breakfast.

Available online at wafelsanddinges.com. For catering info, e-mail info@wafelsanddinges.com.

Locations vary.
New York, NY