Step Right Up, Ladies

Holidays at her house = Coney Island circus sideshow. But you’d light yourself on fire for that girl, so grab the torch and get a move on.

Burlesquing in this weather? Shimmying will do only so much. Karen Walker’s alpine beret will keep the heat from escaping her head. Store singles and change in a recycled leather piggy bank.

Outfit her with a Marchand de Legumes talking watch before her next disappearing act. It tells time aloud in English, Japanese, and German.

light my fire!

Wily snake charmers can put down the punji and pick up a Numark portable turntable, a great record player for newbies (plus it’s battery operated and has a built-in speaker). Do a little mesmerizing of your own with mood lighting.

Even contortionists need to unwind. Get the kinks out with a Giftybox — she chooses things like spa treatments and outdoor adventures around the country — to redeem between acts.

lend a hand!New mommies? Ta-da: What appears to be an ordinary mitten is actually a mitten-within-a-mitten (for keeping mini fingers warm while holding hands). Ooh. Ahh.

shake, baby, shake!

And now, for her next trick, a new hobby. Kinokuniya stocks a dizzying array of wooden toys, Japanese folding papers, Manga figurines, and calligraphy sets (1071 Sixth Avenue; 212-869-1700). Castanet scissors will help your bondage girl cut loose.

Don’t let your champion hot dog eater choke. Wish her the best with the Good Luck Kit — including a ceramic mug that’s meant to be smashed to pieces. The art objet is flying off the shelves at the new New Museum gift shop (235 Bowery; 212-219-1222).

Her reaction? The greatest show on earth.

Moving through the shopping season like the Cyclone? Shop on here.

805 Washington St
bt Gansevoort & Horatio Sts
New York, NY 10014
235 Bowery
@ Prince St
New York, NY 10002
11 W 53rd St
bt 5th & 6th Aves
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