Happy Days

Oh, you know about family affairs alright. This past Christmas included a trip to the ER (Mom nearly sliced off her thumb) and a visit from the fire department (the bird went up in flames). True story.

For a more wholesome experience, meet the Ffrench family. Three generations get together at their Stockbridge, Massachusetts, studio to silk-screen the most amazing calendars that are finally available online.

The project began as a hobby made for friends and family, but as demand grew, a business blossomed, and Dolphin Studio was born.

Compiled of twelve 12-by-24 silk-screened prints, the beauties are all original designs by John and Primm, as well as their children and grandchildren. The cheerful colors and pretty designs bring a little bit of the Ffrench serenity and normalcy to your day to day.

And FYI, family birthdays are highlighted, so feel free to send well-wishes.

It could land you a spot at their next Christmas dinner.

Available online at thedolphinstudio.com.