My Name Is Leigh & Luca

En route via public transportation, you send strangers the stink eye so they don’t get chatty.

But ice princesses beware: Strangers can open a whole new world.

Just ask the founders of new luxe scarf company Leigh & Luca, who connected on a NYC subway platform (over a scarf, mais oui). Now the duo is designing oversize rectangular and square pieces, which double as sarongs, wraps, and travel blankets.

Cashmere, silk, and cotton are hand-woven on century-old wooden looms in India then gussied up with hand printing and embroidery. And while the craftsmanship is old school, the nine patterns are playfully modern in a palette of perfect neutrals (blacks, greens, and creams). Each motif is made in limited-edition batches, so you can rest assured that you have a piece of coveted, wearable art.

And for that you can thank the business of strangers.

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