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Bubbling Fool

Misgivings about New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day were caused by:
a) not enough champagne.
b) too much champagne.

With champers-chugging holidays behind us, how to get your fill?

Pour something stronger, like O2 sparkling vodka, the world’s first effervescent vodka. It’s like the bubbly you love (or don’t), minus the sugar hangover.

We couldn’t believe it either (till we drank a bottle). It’s like we’d lost all sense of what a martini, or Bellini, or bloody Mary should — and can — be.

Each batch is made in a 100-year-old copper still and infused with tiny bubbles. It’s available in premium (80-proof, three times distilled) and super premium (94-proof, five times distilled) in sparkly bottles with a twisty cap.

It’s a whole new way to consecrate engagements, housewarmings, birth announcements, breakups, Friday mornings. Cheer, clap, blow your horn. Serve it on ice to your favorite Russian.

Even let it go to your head.

Available at Astor Wines & Spirits, 399 Lafayette Street, at East 4th Street (212-674-7500 or astorwines.com). For more information, go to sparklingvodka.com.