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The Bee’s Knees

You’re not a fan of sticky situations. Like when the aesthetician leaves residual wax on your nani-nani. Or when you pass out drunk while eating peanut butter out of the jar. Super junky.

Which is why you will be overjoyed to learn about Honey Drop, the world’s first nonstick honey.

After searching the world (literally) for nonmessy, all-natural, pure honey to no avail, a young gent decided to make it himself. And the Honibe brand was born.

Each one is made of 100 percent pure dried honey without any additives or binding agents. You simply drop it in tea or coffee, stir, and enjoy the sweetness. If you like lemon in your libation, opt for the Honey Drop with lemon (of the pure variety, of course). Each one is individually packaged, so you can carry them without risking an explosion of goop in your bag.

Nobody appreciates a bad case of sticky fingers.

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