Sneaking Around

You like to follow trends, and you were even thinking of buying fashionable sneaks, but how to do that without looking like some tight-jean-wearing, skateboard-toting, greasy-haired douche?

Buy Lanvin, not Nike.

Yeah, they’re pricier. But when have we ever sneezed at dropping $500 on a pair of shoes? (The answer is never, and that’s why we’re broke.)

The men’s low-top trainers have patent leather toe tips and suede sides that are stitched (as opposed to glued like regular sneakers). Technically, they’re men’s shoes, but they start at size 8 medium, which means full-footed ladies score.

Gals with petite peds? We’ve been jealous of you all our lives, so you get nothing. Not for yourselves anyway, but buy them for you dad or brother.

Just think of it as an investment.

Available at Wayne Edwards, 1525 Locust Street (215-731-0120 or wayne-edwards.com).

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1525 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19102