To Illustrate Your Point

Those days: pencil doodles, petty vandalism
These days: pie charts, blueprints

Those days: cartoon portraits thanks to a bat mitzvah in ‘93
These days: enchanting hand-illustrations thanks to Charmingwall

The wee new West Village gallery run by printing press family Paper Slam showcases the best emerging illustrators from NYC and beyond.

Works are open edition (not limited) at three price points (including tax): $20 alone, $40 matted, $80 framed. In-house printing (high res on photo-quality paper) keeps costs low.

Wow. The idea of good art sans price-gouging makes it impossible to choose. Bailey Saliwanchik’s bohemian women or Fred Chao’s streetscapes? Evan B. Harris’s maritime pieces or Andy Kehoe’s nostalgia?

The Tiny Art Show, their current exhibit of four-by-four inch works, showcases one-of-a-kind pieces by fifteen artists starting as low as $40.

These are the days to collect them all.

Charmingwall, 191 West 4th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues (212-206-8235 or
charmingwall.com); buy prints online at etsy.com.