Skin City

The Cult of Celebrity has its prayer books (Us Weekly), rites (Red Carpet), miracles (Alec Baldwin’s career), and disciples (Perez).

All that’s missing are the sacred relics.

Behold FamousFlakes, a pop-up biotique offering beautifully packaged vials of your favorite celeb’s skin and hair.

Founder Charles Remarque acquires the goods through a vast network of hotel housekeepers, aestheticians, surgeons, and a few celebrities themselves. Microdot arrays confirm genetic authenticity (and everything comes with a certificate of proof).

There are hundreds to choose from: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mike Bloomberg, Courtney Love. James Frey devotees can get a Billion Little Pieces in a vacuum-sealed cruet (Remarque swears it’s real); Bono voluntarily exfoliated himself and markets the slough under the Product (Red) line. Parker Posey and Chloë Sevigny are in the works.

Remarque will even bottle your flakes for a fee.

After all, skin sells.

For more information, go to famousflakesnyc.com. By appointment.