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The Notorious D.A.D.

You’ve often been asked if your father was a thief (a rumor sparked by the stars in your eyes — not your shockingly large flat-screen).

But dear old Dad’s not cut out for a life behind bars.

Of any kind, really.

So this Father’s Day, commission a cocktail in his honor from the always-spirited Ryan Magarian of Liquid Relations. (Ever sipped something particularly snazzy at The Penthouse or Westside Tavern? That’s his work.)

The process is simple — on your end, anyway. Have Papa answer Magarian’s inquisitive questionnaire (favorite liquor/fruit/veg/movies/colors/music? any allergies or flavor enemies?) and let the mixologist get to work. In a few weeks, a recipe for a one-of-a-kind drink, accompanied by a photo and in-depth letter of explanation will arrive via e-mail, and Pops can enjoy a personalized cold one forever more.

Somebody’s going to look like a real smooth criminal.

For cocktail commissions, e-mail ryan@liquidrelations.com. For more information, go to liquidrelations.com.

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