Hecho in Mexico

My, that is a huge banana you’re holding.

Suddenly, we are overcome with the desire to pleasure our senses — with enormous multicolored paper fruit from DFC Mexico City.

The “serious design” duo behind the madness met in NYC and work together south of the border using traditional techniques to create modern design products like Luchadores del Aire wrestler heads, pleasantly unscented candles, and fiberglass tree stump stools painted in “unnatural” colors.

We love the party-time feeling of their new folding fruits — gigantic handmade paper decorations reminiscent of fiestas, David LaChapelle photo shoots, and taqueria ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Paul Smith ordered them for late fall. If you need yours now, you can purchase online.

Or at least check out the paper view from here.

Available online at dfcasa.com.