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Tom’s Dinner

If there’s one food argument we’d pay never to hear again, it’s about how the best chefs are never in their kitchens cooking.

Like Marc Jacobs really designs every stupid purse.

Still. Watch Tom Colicchio start another trend. In the midst of his super-busy Top Chef, Craft empire-running schedule, he’s launching Tom: Tuesday Dinner.

The concept is simple: Every other Tuesday for the next year, he’ll cook impromptu tasting menus in the private dining room next door to Craft (the former Craftbar for those with memories).

It will be an intimate, open-kitchen, whatever’s-fresh-at-the-market meal. He’s seating only 32 at a time, in tables of two or four, and reservations are available six weeks out. (November 25 is already booked, but they’re holding two tables for the first DailyCandy readers who call at 10 a.m.)

Well done, chef.

Tom: Tuesday Dinner, 47 East 19th Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue (212-400-6495 and tomtuesdaydinner.com).

Photo credit: Bill Bettencourt