Reaching Across the Aisle

Here’s a story of Joe Six-Pack and his soon-to-be Hockey Mom, a traditional couple with untraditional values.

Talking Points: the Ring
No debt for diamonds! Instead, they opted for Williamsburg designer Camille Hempel’s not-so-obvious custom fingerprint bands, admired Fetty’s braille “yes” bangles (Barneys New York, 660 Madison Avenue; 212-826-8900), and practiced the language of love.

a stylish affair!The Space
They didn’t want something reminiscent of the last eight years but rather the last 80. The engagement bash was held at the new (but old looking) Apothéke (9 Doyers Street; 212-406-0400), a turn-of-the-century absinthe and opium den in Chinatown. Passion — and cocktails — were on fire.

going to the chapel!The Dress
She spent time drilling offshore, then realized the resources she needed were at the new laid-back Gabriella New York salon, which has exclusives from under-the-radar designers like the UK’s Sassi Holford (400 West 14th Street, suite 2a; 212-206-1915).

The Gifts
Instead of living in excess of boring white china, they got a customized registry from Alison Rose. Bacchus wine stylists administered personalized surveys to the bride and groom so guests could pick out crates of wine to be delivered as wedding gifts (2056 Broadway; 212-875-1200).

sitting pretty!The Bachelorette Party
In an effort to resonate with today’s women, she booked one of the new Cowshed Pretty Parties, where ten pals preened and primped then dined and drank in a woodsy-chic setting (Soho House, 29-35 Ninth Avenue; 212-627-9800). Note: They gave goodie bags, not tax breaks.

leggo my rago!The Destination
Not sure of how things would go on the home front, they planned a small destination wedding through Michelle Rago, who took the nuts, bolts, bells, and whistles on the road. The online concierge and hotline for guests are indicative of Rago’s handiwork, as is her new blog. Discretionary spending advised.

macaron daddy!The Dessert
Everybody was at the party: Libertarians, wonks, plumbers, small business owners, even hard-working folks from Scranton (his side of the family). Nobody wanted cake. They wanted something fundamentally different: like gorgeous pastel macarons, slated to become the dessert of change.

The Honeymoon
Forget Russia. They can practically see Warsaw from their Greenpoint studio. Poland’s the new cool place to go (they’re on the lucky złoty, not the euro).

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400 W 14th St
@ 9th Ave, ste 2a
New York, NY 10014
660 Madison Ave
@ 61st St
New York, NY 10065