Women at Work

Construction Zone 1: Huge cranes waver from above as you dodge jackhammer racket, degrading whistles, and lewd cliches with illustrative hand gestures.

Construction Zone 2: Two young, soft-spoken designers turn random found objects, scraps of paper, and fabric swatches into (quiet and safe) handmade interior installations.

Calling themselves Domestic Construction, the duo transforms living rooms and retail spaces into cozy environments with a touch of craft and class — thanks to a background in fibers, a love of textiles, a nod to recycling, and a stint coordinating displays at Anthropologie.

Past projects include a school of tiny fabric fish individually pinned to a wall, chandeliers made from golden hair dryers at Shears Hustle & Blow, and reading lights made out of orphan tea cups.

They’re ready to bring the handmade to the homestead.

And you know you want a piece of that.

Available online at domestic-construction.com.