Food & Drink

The Mac Daddy

Knock, knock.

Password please.

Macao Trading Co.?

Who sent you?

Those Employees Only foxes and artful Chanterelle chefs. Heard this is their joint.

Whaddaya want? 

Cocktails — the fruity and lethal Dr. Funk, the seasonal sangarees. And the Portuguese and Chinese-style food —  prawns, ribs, fennel and artichoke salad with spiced chick peas.

What’s your trade?

Same as your atmospheric port-side business: fish traps, radios, small ships. My warehouse looks a lot like yours. Piled with stuff from all over.

What’s your real interest?

After dinner, the lounge downstairs. Every “trading company” really fronts a gambling house and bordello, right? Pretty ladies, like the ones in the Chinese ads lining the walls.

Not that I know what you’re talking about, but that’s off-limits for now. Come on in.

Macao Trading Co., 311 Church Street, between Walker and Lispenard Streets (212-431-8750).

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311 Church St
bt Walker & Lispenard Sts
New York, NY 10013