Suno Wrestling

suno clothing!

You have your collections (salt and pepper shakers, crushed pennies). We have ours (toast portraits from eBay, moist towelettes).

And Max Osterweis has his (African kangas). The young filmmaker, designer, and entrepreneur spent a decade collecting colorful vintage textiles with Swahili aphorisms before realizing that they should be made into amazing modern frocks for girls like you.

Osterweis employs pattern makers in NYC and local talent in Kenya for his fair trade workshop collection (1,000 one-of-a-kind pieces individually numbered). Each item is a work of art — and a welcome cacophony of color for spring (whenever that happens). We spent all day flipping through the online look book, fighting over which outfits we liked best.

Yeah, yeah. We know: We should get a hobby.

Available at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard Street, between Crosby Street and Broadway (212-219-2688 or
openingceremony.us). To see styles, go to sunony.com.

Photo: Tina Tyrell / Courtesy of Suno

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Opening Ceremony
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