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Feta Accompli

Opa! It’s Greek Independence Day! Sigovrasmeno katsiki for everyone!

Or else oysters with pomegranate and yogurt, grilled lamb ribs, and BFT (pork belly, feta, and tomato) — a sampling of what’s on offer at Anthos Upstairs, which just opened a flight up from the elegant mother ship.

Greek Wonderchef Michael Psilakis (who apparently didn’t have enough skillets on the fire with Mia Dona, Kefi, and Anthos) quickly converted Athos’s private party space into a cozy 40-plus seater dining-cum-living room. Lots of dim pendant lights and fig leaf-wrapped cheeses displayed in cake stands on a mirrored console.

Remember when Mom got inventive with the attic? This feels like that. Only while she’s eating $38 lamb downstairs, you’ll be here, where nothing costs more than $15.

That Psilakis. A recession gyro.

Anthos Upstairs, 36 West 52 Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (212-582-6900).