Going Bananas

The weather is heating up, and summer vacay is on the horizon. When packing the minimalist essentials, don’t forget a distraction with special appeal: a banana that can’t be confiscated by customs.

Word geeks beware: Bananagrams is addictive, compulsive, and might eat your whole holiday.

Fast, furious, and fun, the Scrabble-like anagram game challenges you to build connecting words out of letter tiles. You can rearrange your words, and you win when you exhaust all your letters. No pencils, no paper, no board — just your best silent wit.

It’s an ideal way to preoccupy yourself (and bored travel companions) on long flights, unpleasant layovers, and while waiting at a restaurant. The pieces come in a goofy banana pouch that will fly through security.

Play alone or with a bunch (nyuk, nyuk). Make it harder by incorporating themes (cities, foods, foreign languages).

Just make sure your travel companions aren’t sore losers.

You don’t want anyone to end up going bananas.

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