In Treatment

MySpa2Go Hotline: What’s your emergency?

Caller: It’s my hands! They’ve been butchered — misshapen nails, ragged cuticles, and vicious chipping from a faded paint job!

MS: Don’t worry, Miss. We’re dispatching one of our trained professionals to your exact location — be it office building, apartment, or hotel — in an hour or so. Licensed staffers will revive your fingers with essential oils (tea tree, tangerine) and stimulate your senses with a hand-blended sugar scrub.

Caller: Quick! I think it’s spreading to my feet.

MS: No problem. Our technicians are equipped with portable tubs and cleansing aqua leaf petals filled with antioxidants for a relaxing soak. They’ll meticulously polish every digit with one of the latest Essie shades.

Caller: I’m still feeling weak.

MS: Just breathe in and out while one of our pros administers a customized massage treatment with aromatherapy oils, candles, and calming music.

Caller: I like the way you operate.

MySpa2Go (646-241-4477 or myspa2go.com).