For the Record

No lazy Sundays here.

In Ear Park,” by Department of Eagles
(An early morning coffee.)

Hold the Line,” by Major Lazer featuring Mr. Lex and Santigold
(Someone’s calling to cruise the streets. Break a hydrant.)

Osaka Loop Line,” by Discovery
(That sixteenth note high. Or caffeine tweak-out.)

15 to 20,” by The Phenomenal Handclap Band featuring Lady Tigra
(Jump rope rhymes as hot as the afternoon sun.)

Wounded,” by Jay Reatard
(On the pop-punk seesaw, sugary hooks are on the upswing.)

Summertime Clothes,” by Animal Collective
(Feeling deliriously warm. It’s infectious.)

You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II),” by Sunset Rubdown
(Toot, toot sweet.)

IOIO,” by Nosaj Thing
(Electronica-infused hip-hop gives you a second wind.)