Pack Rat


If a summer of brown bagging has you searching for something more, it’s time to look outside the lunch box.

In Good Company
Goodbyn’s five individual compartments share one lid, eliminating the need for extra baggies (but keeping cookies out of the chips). The dishwasher-safe bin includes a reusable eight-ounce drink bottle, which doubles as an ice pack when filled with a chilled concoction. More than 275 stickers make it totally customizable.

Snack Sack
Keep it insulated with Milkdot’s Stöh lunch tote, a PVC-free, water-repellent sack that folds flat for easy returns. Choose pink or blue and personalize with the picture-frame ID tag. With exterior and interior pockets to stash napkins, utensils, or a note from Mom, it’s got lunch in the bag.

think outside the box!Old-School Cool
If your ragamuffin rocks a retro vibe, customize a Frecklebox kid’s lunch box. With matching folders, notebooks, and more, you can go coordination crazy. The interior chalkboard allows parents to scribble some lunchtime love.

And to think you were about to pack it in.

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oots you did it again!35% off Dishes and Bibs Made by Oots
For kids taking lunches at home, try a terrycloth bib that covers arms, belly, deals!and clothes. Ready for a plate, bowl, spoon, fork, and cup? Add the Two Dishes and a Cup set. Don’t worry about the mess — they’re covered. Use code dailycandy at checkout; valid thru Aug. 30.

listen up!Putumayo Kids Presents Picnic Playground
Feast on a collection of songs about food from around the globe. Catchy tunes like Kheswa’s (South Africa) “Beautiful Day” and Jay Mankita’s (USA) “Eat like a Rainbow” will be on the tip of your tongue even when Junior’s not around.

what a zoo!The Zoo I Drew
Self-professed, professional doodler Todd H. Doodler’s first book is a rhyming romp through the ABC’s and the animal kingdom. Bright art will grab his attention, clever text will keep yours, and the letter X will leave you both craving a bedtime snack.