Potter and the Goblet of Kiln Firing

Somewhere between station 9 and 9¾ is the magical, secretive, soon-to-be (very-much) talked-about neighborhood of Industry City, Brooklyn.

Among cavernous warehouses, Muggle habitats, and artist studios resides a ceramics wizard ready to unleash some fire on lifeless blobs of clay.

Alyssa Ettinger would like to teach you her tricks, too. The crafty artisan (admired for her textile-inspired Knitware series of hand-cast porcelain tumblers and vases) is taking roll for two new classes: Hand-Building Basics and Intro to Textural Tile-Making.

Fly solo or arrange a group for six sessions (two to three hours each) through the month of August. The $400 fee includes instruction, clay, firing, and fifteen shades of sheer glaze.

And a whole chamber of secrets.

For more information, go to alyssaettinger.com.