Maria Radu

Sharon Stone does it.

Stockard Channing does it.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg does it.

Yes, folks, they get facials. (Shocker!)

But no ordinary facials, mind you. Maria Radu facials.

A pro when it comes to everything from a remedy for sun poisoning, zit-flecked stress from a nasty break up, anything — she is as sweet as they come — with the doting demeanor of your favorite aunt. Our favorite piece of Radu wisdom: “Don’t work out so much! The sweat, not so good for the skeeen.” (Tell that to your trainer.)

No crazy waiting lists. No brie in the waiting room. No fluffy white robe. But she does throw a mean hand massage and uses Yon-Ka products. And for the next month she’s giving all DailyCandy subscribers 20 percent off their first facial.